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"The system that MaxEdge uses to challenge you in each class is addictive. The energy and time it takes to accomplish the 'white board' list each day and the goals you set for yourself to meet them is challenging and rewarding. Our gym community is the perfect healthy environment." 

- Vic V.
"The workouts are intense but so rewarding and you don't realize how hard they are with everyone around you cheering you on and pushing you that extra bit. It is such a welcoming environment I felt like one of the group from day one! I would recommend this gym to anyone!"

- Linn L.
"During my first year at MaxEdge, I lost 57 lbs and took 5 inches off of my waist (40in to 35in). In my second year, I gained 9 lbs of muscle and still took another inch off of my waist. My transformation is nothing short of amazing to me and I could not have done it without MaxEdge." 

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